Christmas II: The Sequel

It’s January. Most people have un-decked their halls. They’re all jingled out. Their presents have been opened and their stockings have been emptied. They have replaced Delilah with Seacrest on their car radios, they’ve stuck their sparkly sweaters in the back of the closet for next year and they’ve begun all those dreaded resolutions.

As it turns out, Kenny and I are not most people. This is why:

Snow. (There’s much more than that now, but it’s dark outside and I can’t get a good picture.)

This Christmas, the only thing missing was snow. And since you can’t force snow on Christmas, we decided that we’d just have to celebrate Christmas when in snows. So we are! Tomorrow is the inaugural Christmas II: The Sequel.

Christmas II has all the perks of actual Christmas, but without the crowds, the stress of shopping or the traffic (at least not more than the usual Chicago traffic). It’s going to be awesome! And this is why …

The Decorations
Our apartment remains entirely decorated. It’s not that we’re lazy or really busy or anything, but we just really enjoy Christmas decorations! We’re thinking of launching the trend of an Easter tree, a 4th of July tree, etc. There’s a lot of potential there we think. So Christmas II comes fully decorated.

The Sounds
Unfortunately, Delilah won’t be joining us on The Lite for Christmas II. But as it turns out, half her shows are prerecorded anyway, so if we just listen to a Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and throw in a few sappy monologues about snuggling by the fire, we’ll be close enough.

The Gifts
There has to be presents on Christmas II! But after getting an iPad and a Coach purse for real Christmas, we weren’t really in the market for spending more money. Plus, Christmas II is supposed to be stress-free! So gifts are limited to things that can currently be found in our apartment. It’ll be a lovely test of creativity.

The Activities
Christmas activities are the most important part of Christmas II! That’s what makes it awesome! We’re going to build the gingerbread house that we never got around to building in December, go ice skating at the University of Chicago, watch a few Christmas movies we missed, drink hot cocoa and maybe even bake cookies!

The Sights
Snow! Lots and lots of snow! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas II!

*   *   *

The first ever Christmas II: The Sequel, presented by Emily & Kenny, will take place on Saturday, January 14. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share them here.

Special shout out to the best boyfriend EVER who came up with this idea! I knew he was the man for me because we had a mutual love of two very important things: Disney World and Christmas.

Merry Christmas II!

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