Bottle Cap Coasters

The family that drinks together … is mine. Which is exactly why I knew I could count on my family Christmas to help me with my bottle cap collection for a craft project I was plotting. I saw these coasters on Pinterest a few weeks ago and my supply collection started instantly.

Collecting the bottle caps was the easy part though! Building them was a little trickier than I thought. As you can see in the picture above, it looks like the coasters are sewn together with a thin wire. Sadly, I don’t have a drill to poke the little holes in the caps, so I had to come up with an obvious Plan B: glue. 

My next problem though was how to stop the bottom of the caps from scratching my table — protecting a table being the key function of a coaster! So I thought that maybe I could put a square of felt on the back as a protectant. So I did. Check out my version.

Bottle Cap Coasters

Bottle caps — lots of them!
Glue — I used Gorilla Glue.
Felt — I used sparkly orange, but whatever works!

Cut a square of felt to the size of a 3×3 square of bottle caps. One at a time, line the bottom of each bottle cap with glue and attach to the felt. 

Be sure that you do this on top of newspaper, a magazine, wax paper, pretty much anything because the glue will soak through the felt and you don’t want to ruin a table or something. 

Place another protective surface on top of the coaster (better safe than sorry!) and pile on some books or magazines to press. 

Let dry over night. Remove the weights and you are done!

Keep tableside and serve with your favorite brew.


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