Before & After

If you were among the many of people who asked me if I dyed my hair last summer, there’s a pretty good chance you got a very frustrated response. For the twelfth time, I did not dye or bleach my hair last summer. Between a single use of Sun In at the beginning of the summer, lots of outdoor tennis matches and a new bottle of hair syrum (to allegedly stop my split ends) I ended up with some pretty beachy hair. I’m not really sure how it happened, since I’ve always had pretty dark hair, but it happened nonetheless. 

Assuming that I dyed my hair wasn’t a very strange question. I’ve always been pretty adventurous when it comes to hair colors. The first time I dyed my hair was my 16th birthday. For some reason, I picked out this awful red color and looked like a ginger in my driver’s license photo (Yes, the picture that was taken the day after my 16th birthday when I finally passed my driving test). I had this really terrible experience at the cosmetology school a year later and I’m pretty sure most of RHS called me a skunk for a solid month. Unfortunately, I don’t have any evidence of these lovely decisions on me at the moment. So, let’s venture through some of the hair colors that I do have photo documentation of.

I had some fun highlights for my senior pix…

I had some black that looked purple in the light for a while…

It’s even been kind of light before…

But I’m pretty sure that this is just about my natural hair color.

Or at least pretty close to the hair on my little head before I started coloring it…

[I was always a little drama queen]

But at some point, my hair ended up like this…

Which is much lighter than I had ever intended! So I dusted off my sweet rubber gloves and hit up the hair color aisle which felt like foreign soil. I didn’t want to go too crazy, I was past that stage of my life, but I just wanted to get my brown hair back! I went went L’Oreal Faria Tortoise Shades in Warm Medium Brown. Sounded safe to me. 


And after!

Not that different! And fail. It wasn’t quite as dark as I was hoping for. I guess my hair was lighter starting out than I thought! Well, I tried! I’ll have to try a darker shade next time.


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