Crafting You

Goal’s are important. Goals give us motivation and purpose. Goals give us something to work for, sometimes to keep us working at all. They make us better professionals, better students, better people. We are the medium, and our goals are what mold us into accomplished, successful and beautiful human beings. We, as people, are the ultimate craft project. 

Once a year, people unwrap an art set. Once a year, people are given a free paintbrush for their own personal makeover. People are given a Free Goal Card every new year to cash in on themselves. It’s like a birthday wish, but you actually have to work for it.

I, however, have never been very good at New Year’s resolutions. I guess that’s only half true. I’m really good at making them — I just have absolutely zero follow through. I have friends who take their resolutions very  seriously. I’ve had a few friends give up fast food for a whole year, and one friend who didn’t watch TV at all for 365 days. And then there’s this girl (that would be me), who makes resolutions like “be a better person” and “stop lying.” I’m really original.

This year is going to be my year, though. I’m going to take advantage of my one free goal and use it to turn myself into the best craft project at all. With a few inspiring photos, a how-to video or two and some sparkle, my personal remodel sounds just like 90% of the craft projects I’ve ever started. I decided to use my resolutions this year on making EmJoyable better. I absolutely love writing and baking and crafting for my blog. I’ve always firmly believed that if you are going to do something, you should do it with all your heart and make it the best you possibly can. If you can fly, then soar.

So check out my goals for this year and help hold me accountable! 

Emily’s New Year’s Resolutions – 2012

EmJoyable logo:  So far, the only logo I have is the header on my blog page, which I definitely don’t own the rights to (those would belong to Tumblr). I want to develop a meaningful and recognizable logo to “brand” EmJoyable.


Product tags & business cards: I wish I could take credit for this, but it was totally my mom’s idea for the business cards and my coworker’s idea for the tags. I’ve had EmJoyable come up in conversation, and since it’s not easily distinguishable aurally (in case you didn’t notice, it sounds a lot like “enjoyable”), I feel like people who try to just remember the address that way might get mixed up. With business cards, I can pass out the link and share it with people I meet who might want to check it out. I also want to have tags to stick on anything I make, whether it’s a plate of cookies or a crocheted scarf. Just something little that credits the work to me. Like a signature on a work of art! Something similar to my friend’s tag (below) for her business, Unique Peace (which you should totally check out because she has some beautiful stuff!). It would obviously not the same look, but just a similar idea.

Increased Viewership: I’ve been using Google Analytics to track the hits on my blog. It’s nothing record breaking, but I’m proud that more people than just myself are reading it! Currently, my daily average (on days I post content) is about 20 total visits per day. My goal for 2012 is to double that average. So help me out! Tell your friends! =)

Ad potential: I think this is a long shot, but what fun would goals be if they were all easily attainable? (Answer: no fun!) I took the first step and registered for Google Ad Sense. However, I have absolutely no idea what it means, how to use it or how to go about getting advertisers on my site. By the end of the year, I want to have a concrete plan on how to drive advertisers to my site. If you have any tips or suggestions on this, I would love to chat! (Please shoot me an email to 

*   *   *

And that’s it! Nothing too out of reach, right? I hope you set some goals for yourself, too! The tricky part however isn’t setting the goals, it’s achieving them. So best of luck to you! 


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