Holiday Decor

Moving out on my own was hard on so many levels. I suddenly had to cook my own dinner, keep my whole living quarters clean and pay my own bills. But when you have my mom for a mother, that’s the easy part.

My mother is just as crafty as I am, but she’s been at it for even longer. So anytime I needed anything for a project I was working, my mom always had it. She had buttons, velcro, yarn, paint, fabric, paper, glitter, silk flowers, etc. If I ever needed anything for a craft, my mom would help me come up with what to use and tell me where I could find it. And once you’re that spoiled, it’s hard to move on from that. When I moved into my own apartment, my craft cabinet instantly shrunk to a box of Crayola crayons, a couple tubes of glitter and a package of construction paper. That, my friends, is the hard part.

Not only was my mom the craft queen, but she was the decorating queen as well. Growing up, our house was an elaborate display, no matter what the season. For Christmas, our entire house was Elf-ed, down to the tiniest detail. We had an entire set of holiday serveware, garland around every doorway and banister, a beautiful tree, fake snow on the mantle and darling Christmas trinkets in all the right places. We had handmade stockings trimmed with sequence and each of my siblings’ names stitched in in gold ribbon. But it wasn’t just Christmas. My mom had accents for every holiday and season. It was darling. A lot of the decorations my parents had accumulated over the years, a lot of it I’m sure they found on clearance after Christmas but a lot of the decorations came from my mom’s crafty hands.

So when I moved out, I lost so much of the supplies I was used to growing up, which was rough. But I’m making progress! I’ve slowly built up my pathetic craft drawer to take up a whole shelf!

But my holiday decor is still pretty minmal. As you can see from my Christmas pictures, I’ve done as much as I could with what I have. This year, Kenny and I bought lots of lights, we inherited a Christmas tree that was retired from my parents’ living room, I kept some left-over Christmas decorations from my years at Starbucks and got a Christmas countdown calendar for Christmas last year. I had plenty of ornaments for the tree since I got one (or three) for every birthday for 22 years (however, they’re all pretty girly, so Kenny needs to start adding to the pool). I was happy, but I thought I could put my hefty craft shelf to good use to make a new decoration to add to my festive apartment! So I did! And now I’m going to teach you how in three simple steps with only two supplies.

Yarn Holiday Sign

What you need:
Yarn — any color, any kind
Pipe cleaners — any color, any kind

What to do:
1. Pick any word or phrase, and bend the pipe cleaners to form the word. You will probably need to combine multiple pipe cleaners to complete your word. To do so, simply twist them together. 

2. Start wrapping the yarn around the pipe cleaners. You will need to wrap several layers thick to cover the puffy part of the pipe cleaner. When you’re done, leave an extra inch of yarn, and back track a little bit. Cut another short piece of yarn and tie it around the extra yarn, to seal it off. 

3. If you have multiple words, you can combine them with a little bit of craft wire. Then hang with Command strips! I chose to use the tiny ones that are made to hang up strings of light. 

Happy crafting!


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