Cozy Up

Let’s be honest, the best part of being cold is being able to warm up in wool coats, cozy scarfs and fuzzy hats. Bundling up for the first snowfall, walking down the twinkling light-lined streets and collecting snowflakes on your eyelashes is what winter is all about. 

Unfortunately, the sparkle of the first snow fades into January and the pretty snow gets dirty, slushy and in the way. You stop caring about looking cute in the snow and start worrying about your ears actually getting frostbite. 

So warm up with this craft and have your cake and eat it too. This is a super easy, crochet hat. I know that no one thinks that crocheting is cool other than me, but I like to think (or at least hope) that I can convince you that crocheting something practical (and not just apple coasters) might actually inspire you to give it go. 

I’ve been meaning to start making crochet hats for some time now, but it wasn’t until my boss from my volunteering gig at DSC requested that I make a hat for her baby boy that was I actually inspired to learn how to do it. And guess what? I wasn’t hard! In fact, it turned out to be ridiculously easy! 

Due to my lack of a tripod, I couldn’t make a video of myself crocheting the hat. So instead, I provided step-by-step directions with links to the sites that helped me learn. This pattern was inspired by this blog if you would like to read the original directions.

Cozy Crochet Hat

yarn – whatever kind you want!
crochet hook – the yarn you pick will tell you what size hook you need

Part A: Make a circle the width of your head
1. Chain stich four.
2. Use a slip stich to connect the first and fourth stich to make a circle.
3. Chain stich three, and then double crochet into the center of the circle. Do this nine times total.
4. Slip stitch the 9th double crochet stitch into the third chain stitch to complete the circle. 
5.  Chain stitch out three, and then double crochet stitch back into the slip stitch. Double crochet two stitches into each stitch of the circle to make the second row. When you get back to the beginning, slip stitch into the third chain stitch to complete the circle.
6. Repeat step five, except alternate between two double crochets per stitch and one double crochet per stitch. So you will do two double crochets in the first stitch, then one double crochet in the next, and follow this 1,2 pattern.
7. Repeat step five, except follow a 2,1,1 pattern.
8. Repeat step five, except follow a 2, 1,1,1 pattern. Get the idea? Continue this pattern until you have made seven rows of a circles. 

Part B: Make a tube the desired length
1. Once your base circle is the desired width (about seven rows, but more or less depending on the size of your head), you can stop adding an extra single stitch between every double stitch. 
2. Chain stitch out three, and then double crochet once in every stitch, following a 1:1 pattern all the way around. 
3. Repeat step two until you have made enough rows to have a hat that covers your ears.

And poof! You have a hat!

This one’s for baby, which actually gets even cuter but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for the lucky little boy who hasn’t gotten it yet. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense and that I don’t have very many pictures! Let me know if you have questions, and I can totally explain better.

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