Black Friday

Black Friday is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of occasion. The idea of waking up in the middle of the night to fight huge crowds to take advantage of some great deals is capitalism at its finest! (Well, sort of. I think I actually heard that it’s not good for capitalism, but that’s not really the point.) It’s also people being just plain crazy. But I just love it! That’s half the fun of Thanksgiving! I’m a very by-the-book kind of girl, so shopping the morning after Thanksgiving just feels like the right thing to do!

This year was weird though, because a lot of the stores opened at midnight. But being a very by-the-book girl, I had a hard time staying up late to go Black Friday shopping at night. That seemed too weird for me. Since I was pretty much just going for the fun and festivities of the occasion, I skipped the midnight fiasco and decided I was just going to head out for the early morning deals. I had no idea that skipping the midnight rush would change the entire environment of Black Friday shopping. 

I was going for fun, but there were two things that I did actually want. The first was a Cake Pop Maker, which was on sale at JCPenney for $8.99 after rebate.

The second was a grandma sweater (for me of course) with a funny little pun embroidered on the front, which was on sale for $15, also at JCPenney. 

I got both of them without a problem. Apparently these were not hot items. I was shocked, too.

I got to JCPenney a little after 4 AM, which was one of the few stores that opened at 4 instead of midnight. The parking lot was full, not packed, and I actually found a pretty good spot without even trying. I walked right in, found the two things I needed fairly quickly and went to check out. I was shocked to find that there was hardly a line at all. The entire experience probably didn’t even take me 20 minutes.

That was all I really wanted, but I figured since I did get up early, I should probably make my way out to the west side and hit up the mall and maybe Best Buy. I couldn’t believe how empty it was! The mall lot was at least full enough to make me park in the back but Best Buy’s was almost empty! There were no lines at the registers in either Macy’s, Bergner’s or Best Buy! I was free to roam, try on some boots at my leisure and stroll down the aisles at a pace determined by me, not the swarms of people around me for once! It was bizarre. It didn’t even feel like Black Friday! It was refreshing and disappointing at the same time. 

So, I got home and had obviously worked up an appetite, which works out perfect when it’s the day after Thanksgiving because there’s so much food in the fridge! I made my own version of Starbucks’ Granda’s Turkey Sandwich. I used a left over roll and then put on honey butter, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce! Could their possibly be anything better to come home to?! I thought not. 

I rounded out my day with a bake session to test out my new Cake Pop Maker. I attempted to recreate Starbucks’ Rocky Road Cake Pops. This was my test run, but I’m super excited to blog about my adventures in Cake Pop Land once I master the art and pin down an awesome recipe. 

I hope everyone had an awesome Black Friday, whether you’re a lover and bravely faced the midnight crowds or a hater and stayed home eating cookie dough and watching Elf. Either one sounds lovely!

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