Staying Hip with TOMS

As a general rule, I try to stay as far away from Hipster things as possible. Large, dark-framed glasses (usually without a prescription)? Ew. Headbands worn horizontally instead of vertically? No thanks! Oversized headphones, Goodwill t-shirt finds, fedoras and grandpa’s loafers? I’m good. 

(I’m more of a bows and glitter kind of girl myself, but to each their own!)

If I’ve learned anything during my days as music editor at a very hipster entertainment magazine, it was that hipsters take pride in being niche. Ignoring the obvious irony of the hipster trend, hipsters tend to not want to be identified as part of the mainstream. In fact, often when things that a hipster enjoys become mainstream, they tend to lose interest. (Obviously, I know this is a stereotype, but work with me here.)

If ever there was something that really put a kink in this mindset, it was TOMS Shoes. For anyone who doesn’t know, TOMS is a company with a “Commitment to Giving.” The premis is that for every pair of TOMS Shoes sold, a pair will be donated to a child in need, one for one. Clearly a great concept. 

TOMS started out, like many things, as a hipster trend. You’d be hard-pressed to go to a local show in an underground, DIY venue and not see at least a third of the attendees (and probably the whole band) rocking these canvas kicks. But then the trend started to grow … and grow … and grow. And in September 2010, TOMS gave away their 1,000,000th shoe.

This is where it really starts to suck for the die-hard hipsters. Their trend is no longer niche; it’s no longer uniquely theirs. It’s this huge thing that’s spreading like wildfire. But the hipsters can’t really turn their backs on this one — at least not in good conscious. And from what I’ve seen, they haven’t, which is awesome! This is something that everyone can agree on and support as just a really great thing! 

My newest investment!

So maybe I am just a little bit hipster with my TOMS and my skinny jeans. We can’t all be perfect. 😉

So, go! Join the movement! 

*   *   *


«Be sure to click the “Read More” botton below for a special post on how to turn your TOMS up to the next level!»

This *BONUS POST* is brought to your courtesy of my darling, crafty cousin Chrissy.

*   *   *

One of the downfalls of TOMS is that given that they are made of canvas, they get dirty really easily. But whether it’s the fact that they’re on the expensive side or that they’re just so darn comfy once you’ve worn them in, it’s really hard to part ways with a good, used pair of Tom’s. 

So I say, don’t!

Being made of cloth might make them get dirty fast, but it also makes for a perfect canvas for your creative side. Next time you find yourself with a no-longer-white pair of white TOMS, grab some acrylic paint, a paintbrush and a darling quote and go to town! 

Thanks for the idea, Chrissy!

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