Wrapped in Tradition

I’m really big on tradition. Sundays are for grocery shopping, football and baking. Every weeknight after work, my boyfriend and I cook dinner together, watch tv and I write my blog while he studies. And lately, Fridays have started to become a tradition. 

Friday, I can usually leave work early, which is deceivingly great. It’s really only 10 minutes, but it feels like forever. Then I walk east down Adams all the way to Michigan Avenue, sometimes grabbing a coffee along with way. Kenny takes the 6 bus up to Wacker and I meet him right by the river. We find a cute, new restaurant that we’ve never been too. I order a glass of wine (usually crappy merlot, or sangria if they have it) and Kenny will get a beer. We split an appetizer and Kenny tells me fun stories about law school and I talk about the trials and tribulations of being in recruiting. Then we hold hands and walk to the movie theatre downtown. We try to alternate who picks the movie. (I pick sappy, terrible romantic comedies or Michael Bay movies like 50/50 or Transformers. Kenny usually picks the better acclaimed action or historical films, like J. Edgar or Moneyball.) We order a soda and I get Sour Skittles. We watch the movie, I usually get confused and then we walk to the bus talking about the flick. When we come home, we pop in another movie — sometimes really bad ones like Armageddon, but I enjoy them.

And that’s our Friday! I think it’s perfect. It’s no line of shots in Wrigleyville or midnight rave session, but it’s very us. It’s a few of our favorite things wrapped into one lovely evening. 

With the holidays coming up, people think a lot about tradition. There are some things that we continue to treasure year in and year out, like listening to my brother play Christmas carols on the piano or baking cookies with my mom. Some things we have to modify, sometimes grandparents join us from heaven, sometimes siblings move across the country and sometimes new little ones join us, and all these things help us build new traditions. But the older I get, the more I realize that tradition isn’t about doing the same things over and over again, it’s about making memories with people we love. It’s not that me or my brothers actually believe that Santa wrote us the note thanking us for the cookies, but we put them out anyways because that’s what Christmas is to us. 

So if one day, our Friday tradition is threatened, I will be okay with that, because the point isn’t about going to a movie every Friday, it’s about making a memory with someone I love. I hope everyone out there finds it in their hearts to figure out what their traditions really mean to them, and embrace the love that’s hidden behind the routine.

[Please expect these sappy posts to continue at least until mid-January. =) ]

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