Music Showcase

I’m a sucker for live music. Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty broke lately so my show seeing has been kept to a minimal over the past few months. Luckily, my adventure Sunday at the Dave Barnes show reminded me just how much I love seeing live music. On top of that, I read a single, very short blog post that planted a very lovely thought in my head. 

“One of the most gratifying things for me as a songwriter is hearing a crowd sing a song back to me. The thing I love about simple pop songs like “Best Thing” is its ability to release people’s inhibitions and unite a group of otherwise strangers.” — Steve Moakler

Other than music being the soundtrack to our lives, music is capable of bringing out so much more in people. It can make this girl dance, and that’s no easy task. The point isn’t to tell you about how great music is or it’s impact on our lives, because everyone already knows that. The point is to share with you to a few artists that I’ve developed a soft spot for, and how recent events have led me to new loves and reminded me of old ones.

Steve Moakler
Steve (yes, we’re on a first name basis) opened for Dave Barnes at the concert last week and ended up to be a great find! I still haven’t been able to come down from the high of seeing him play live. Be sure to check out “Best Thing,” “This Ain’t Rock ‘n Roll” and “Hesitate” for the full range of his awesomeness. 

Angels & Airwaves
On Valentine’s Day 2010, the former (and I guess kind of still) punk rocker Tom DeLonge released an album rightfully called LOVE with his band, Angels & Airwaves. Not only is Angels & Airwaves by far the most amazing band name ever, but they also happen to be my favorite band ever. They are intelligent and constantly questioning what music is and what it means. The best I can describe them is “spacey.” On November 8, LOVE II was released and I can only image how epic it is bound to be. (I don’t have it yet because I thought it didn’t come out till 11/11 because I’m silly.) I will definitely keep you posted. In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard AvA, check out “Young London,” “Distraction” and “Everything’s Magic.”

Deas Vail
This adorable band that I used to be head-over-heals obsessed with actually fell off my radar recently. However, after announcing an upcoming tour called “Oh Christmas Tour,” you bet your bottom dollar that they jumped straight to the top of my list! A little back story on these guys is in store. The pianist is the cutest girl on the planet and married to the lead singer, and they wear their rings on chains around their necks when they play! Adorbs! Think it can’t get cuter? Look at this band pic!

Despite being adorable, they’re also incredibly talented. Bordering on indie-hipster music, Deas Vail breaks out of that mold with a dynamic song selection and an unmistakably unique voice. I’d recommend “Shoreline,” “White Lights” and “Birds.”

I’ll leave you with that for now! I want to be sure you actually listen to all these bands/artists, so I don’t want to overload you! Who should I check out!? (Other than the new AVA album, obviously.)

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