Friends with Good Taste in Music.

My biggest concern about moving to Chicago wasn’t navigating public transportation, surviving snowpocalypse or even getting decent 3G downtown (although it probably should have been). I had a job lined up, an apartment picked out and I had located the nearest Irish pub and Starbucks locations to both my work and home — I had the basics covered.

But no — my biggest concern was making friends. I am terrible at making friends! I tend to assume that people don’t like me until proven otherwise, and I think I’m pretty awkward in most social situations.

I got lucky though. I happen to be accepted into a very elite group called the Wolf Pack. It’s one of those can’t-tell-you-gotta-kill-you kind of clubs. Okay, well not really at all, but we’re a pretty close knit group. The two other girls in the Pack happened to my first (and only) friends I’ve made in the city. (So yay, me!) I couldn’t have asked for better people in my life.

I got even more lucky, and one of them happens to be equally as awkward as I am. She’s pretty great actually, but if she asks I’ll deny it. I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate any sappiness, and let’s be honest, that could make for an awkward Monday morning, so I’ll just cut right to the chase.

She taught me how to move a candidate through Taleo, schedule a final interview and where to get the best lunch ever for under $4 (Pizza Hut for breadsticks, obviously). Most importantly though, she got me hooked on a great artist (the singing kind, not the painting, one-ear kind), which is probably the best thing a person can give you. The funny thing was that I actually knew a bunch of his songs, but I didn’t know they were by him. 

And by “him,” I mean David Barnes, a.k.a. my friend’s future husband (just to be clear). So tomorrow, we’ll be taking to the streets of Evanston, IL to see the lovely Mr. Barnes in S.P.A.C.E. (well, “at“ S.P.A.C.E., but “in” sounds way cooler). I couldn’t be more excited! 

I’m trying to get an extra large dose of DB to prepare myself for the show. Everyone knows that concerts are so much more fun when you can sing along! Sorry, girl, but I will definitely be singing!

I haven’t been to a live show in a while. I used to get paid to go to shows a few years ago, which looking back, was a pretty sweet gig. However, even then, I had the same problem that I know I’m going to have tomorrow: I have nothing to wear! I’m not very fashionable and I pretty much exclusively own solid colored v-neck Ts. This is a serious problem. I feel like at concerts, you’re supposed to strive for a very particular look. You have to look subtly pretty, a little classy and a little sexy, all while looking like you absolutely, 100% didn’t try at all. 


My solution for this problem is my solution for every social situation that has any fashion requirement: my favorite go-to, black, v-neck T. Problem solved. Add some tousled hair, a long, silver charm necklace and a good pair of skinny jeans and I’m ready to rock. Literally. 

So I’ve made a friend, learned enough Dave Barnes songs to not look like a total poser and mastered the art of dressing to impress for under $5 and in less than five minutes. I’d say I’m set up for success! 

Here’s to a lovely Saturday night!


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