Starbucks and Me

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a snowflake-adorned, bright red Starbucks cup filled to the brim with whipped cream and chocolate curls. It looks, smells and tastes like Christmas in a cup. It’s perfect. 

Maybe it was my years as a barista or maybe it was just watching the “grown-ups” sip from their red cups when I was a little kid, but something at some point triggered my connection of coffee drinks with the holiday season. 

So it happened to work out that on November 1, the official start of the holiday, hustle-and-bustle season, one of my recruiters got myself and the rest of the wolfpack (my fellow recruiting coordinators and I) a present: a darling monogrammed mug and a Starbucks card.

You can’t really see the Starbucks cards in this picture, but I promised they’re tucked neatly behind each of our mugs. This is actually the first time I’ve gotten to enjoy the thrill of receiving a Starbucks card, because it’s the first Christmas I have needed to actually leave work to get coffee.

When you work at Starbucks for six years, everything you drink on the clock (or 30 minutes before or after) is free, and even when you’re not working, you usually know someone who is and is willing to hook you up. And thus, for six years I didn’t really pay for Starbucks anyway, so receiving a giftcard for something I got for free, wasn’t particularly exciting. Instead of looking forward to getting a Starbucks card, I’d just collect other people’s empty cards. I might be the only one on the planet who thinks this is pretty sweet, but that’s okay, I’m proud of it.

I digress. So whether it’s a crappy (well, actually pretty awesome comparatively speaking) collection of empty Starbucks cards or one delivered at the perfect moment, Starbucks is notorious for making days. Starbucks raised me to value people just as much as I value good coffee. The company taught me to give back to others and my community just as much as it taught me how to pour the perfect cappuccino.

Working at Starbucks taught me just how much a cup of coffee can do. It can wake you up for work, cure a hangover and introduce you to the love of your life. Coffee can connect you with a Pulitzer Prize winner, Bob Dylan’s roadie and Harrison Ford — and it has done all of those things for me!

So be sure to stop by Starbucks this season and enjoy a steamy hot cup coffee goodness with someone you love. And while you’re there, take a few extra minutes to think of what inspires you … and then live it!

[My personal FAVORITE Starbucks cards 😉 ]


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