City Girl, Friday Night

I’m new to this City Girl thing. In fact, I’m still under the impression that every mildly well-dressed girl I pass on the street is a columnist at a magazine, eats Greek yogurt parfaits for breakfast and does hot yoga on her lunch break. I still think that every suit wearing, Starbucks drinking businessman is an alcoholic and a jerk. To me, this whole city life is still one big stereotype, and I’m yet to really get a handle on what it’s really like. 

And what do city girls do on Fridays after work? They do happy hour. They wear black pumps, they talk about the new boss’ secretary and they drink dirty martinis out of longstem crystal-ware.

I happen to really like the girls that I work with. As some of my Facebook friends might recall, I work with “really pretty, brilliant, well-dressed, super nice people.” That was my first impression and nothing has changed. I’m lucky to not be one of the many people who hate the people they spend at least 40 hours a week with. 

So in the spirit of one of my lovely coworker’s bitter-sweet departure from our office (bitter in that we are losing her, but sweet in that she’s really excited about her new role), we will be celebrating with a Happy Hour out on the town. 

So while I’m no expert in actually being a city girl, I’m extremely good at doing things by the book. So I’ve decided to make the rules of Friday Night Happy Hour based on my this-is-how-we-do-things guide to life.

1. Order something “straight up,” “dirty” or “perfect,” because City Girls order their drinks with confidence, accuracy and a touch of high maintenance. 

2. Wear jeans darker than your eye shadow and heels taller than the poof in your hair. 

3. Never lose your composure. Use the bite-your-lip test: when it stops hurting, you stop drinking. Stay classy, ladies!

4. Limit your text messages to 1 per drink. Be in the moment! 

5. Laugh often, don’t dance and buy your boss a drink.



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