Edible Art

It’s photos like this one that make it clear that the line between food and art is severely blurred. While I’m far from decorating cakes that look so much like a Tiffany package that I want to tear it open before I think to want eat it, I do love to get a little crafty with my baked goods. (My personal favorite canvas? Sugar cookies.)

Let’s back track a little bit to the art genes that run in my family. My dad’s cousin is an artist by profession — he has done the artwork for everything from the Famous Amos cookie label to the paintings in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum & Library. (My brother actually studied him in college at the Ringling School of Art and Design.) My Uncle — the man who was the Art Director for Leo Burnett and then quit because they wouldn’t let him take summers off — is famous for his food photography, which has been featured on the front of many Kellogs cereal boxes. Then there’s my brother, an illustrator, who has already illustrated a children’s book and a medical book among other things. (I have to brag a little bit!)

So, one would think that I would be able to draw a person using more than 4 lines and a circle … but one would be wrong. I have absolutely none of these genes. I got robbed! What I did inherit though was my mom’s craftiness and her if-I-see-it-I-can-probably-make-it attitude; my dad’s ridiculous, borderline OCD, attention to detail; and my grandmother’s stop-eating-my-eclair love of sweets. This delightful mesh resulted in things like this …

… and this.

And sometimes, I even branch out to things other than sugar cookies!

I guess I’m not really proving much of a point here, nor am I making a very substantial argument considering the fact that I’m pretty sure that there’s no one out there who is truly disagreeing that food can be art. However, that’s not really the purpose of this post. Wednesday’s are my “craft” post, so I wanted to share with you another one of my favorite crafts: decorating baked goods! In the instance that you care about how good the cookie tastes as much as how good they look, check out this recipe for sugar cookies. It’s my personal fave. Enough about me though — if you have a family recipe or a personal favorite, please let me know! I’d love to try it!  

Happy baking!


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