Advertiser’s Dream

I’m an advertiser’s dream. I am the girl who sees the Slap Chop commercial and wonders, “How on earth have it made it this far in my life without one of those?!” I’m the girl who still clicks on the adds on the side of my Facebook page because I think that maybe this time, I really can get a free iPad without any hooks. I’m the girl who will buy just about anything with a solid, catchy jingle — come on, that Old Navy Breezy Blouse commercial makes me want one every time! I’m just a sucker.

Being a sucker is only made worse by the fact that I always want what everyone else has. I’m not ashamed of jumping on bandwagons. Everyone in college had a The North Face fleece, black leggings and a pair of Uggs — and thus, so did I. So when my little cousin — who is actually way cooler, trendier and cuter than myself — showed up at her future sister-in-law’s bridal shower with the most darling ringlet curls, I of course had to have that curling iron. 

So I set off to Woodfield Mall and headed straight to my destination, which was — you guessed it — the kiosk that 90% of the world avoids like the plague. The kiosk where they pull in girls passing by, curl their hair against their will and tell them how much better their product is than any other conceivable product on the planet. The kiosk where they sell ridiculously overpriced curling rods to girls who truly believe that it contains ions that are actually going to lock the curls perfectly in place. So I bought one.

I spent entirely too much money on it (even considering the fact that my dad loves me and paid for half of it), but I got the curling iron. And I loved it.

That was 3 years ago. And you know what? I still love it. So maybe being a sucker is okay. Maybe thinking, wishing and hoping for the best, even against all odds, isn’t such a bad thing. 

So cheers to perfect curls (whether they’re really hanging in there with some magical ion or not), good influences (thanks, Chrissy!) and awesome advertising. I will fall for all three every time.


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